13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim/ Plush Collection "Pitanko"Iori Fuyusaka

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From the Sci-Fi Adventure Game "13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim" by Atlus and Vanillaware, which has an ensemble cast of 13 protagonists with a group of people who support them, we have chosen 14 charming characters and turned them into plushies!

Each of them are 6in tall and fit in your hand, and are handy accessories to both carry around or to decorate with. They also have magnets in their hands so you can have the characters hold each other's hands.

For a limited 300 plushies per character, so please welcome their cute little new forms!

As a bonus for ordering 2 or more plushies, you will receive an acrylic badge which is a miniature version of "the INABA Flexi disc".

deformation characters designed : HAKURO

【The shipment is due in Mar 2021.】

*Characters that just fit into your hand.

All the cuteness in a small package! Designed by the illustrator and sofuvi figurine designer HAKURO.

*They are soft, cuddly and nice to the touch!

Not just their cuddly heads, but their faces, hands, and even their uniforms are all made with cloths that are soft as possible. Feel the relaxing sensations in your hands.

*Snapping hands together with magnets!

Plushies have magnets in their hands, so besides making them hold hands, you can make them hold stuff like button badges. Make your favorite characters hold their hands tightly together.

*Well designed plushies that are cute to decorate your room with and fun to carry with you.

Not just the embroidery color or their hairstyles, but even their expressions are delicately made to make sure that while they are plushies, they also feel pristine. Whether you use them to decorate or you choose to carry them around, keep these charming characters from "13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim" close to you!

A bonus for ordering 2 or more plush dolls is an acrylic badge which is a miniature version of "the INABA Flexi disc".

※The promotion may end without notice.

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